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Timber Fencing & Decking Kidderminster, Worcestershire

fencing and decking

ILPD provide superior timber decking and fencing solutions throughout the Kidderminster and Worcester region. If you have a property in Kidderminster and you require a new fence or deck then give the experts a call today and find out how we can help you.

ILPD provide a complete service from initial design and sourcing products through to construction and cleaning up afterwards. We stock a diverse range of timber materials and all our work is fully guaranteed and installed with a high level of workmanship and care. Consequently we have built a solid reputation in the region for quality and attention to detail because we listen to what you want and deliver a solution that is perfect for you.

Spoilt for choice

With so many options available today you have a lot of choice when it comes to fencing or decking solutions. You can choose between the timber or material, colour, finish and size appropriate for your property and taste. Whatever requirements you have, we discuss them with you and all the materials and finishes we use are guaranteed to withstand even the harshest seasons.

Choice of timber and style

The choice of timber entirely depends on your requirement and the purpose. For instance, if your main intention of installing a fence is to add visual appeal to your space, a pailing timber fence is a great choice. If privacy is the main requirement, panelled fences and trellis are an excellent way of hiding from prying eyes. When it comes to style, do you want a fence or deck that is in complete harmony with your garden or one that’s in complete contrast? Either way our team can build it for you.

Types of fencing and decking include:

  • Lapped and Capped timber fencing
  • Post, rail and pailing fencing
  • Single pailing timber fencing
  • Hardwood Timber decking
  • Softwood Timber decking
  • Modified wood decking, thermally treated timber
  • Composite decking
  • Quality and structural stability
  • Trellis

Steel and concrete for support

It is possible to secure timber fences or decking with posts made from wood, however timber submerged in the ground will eventually rot. Obviously this will cause the fence to fall over or the deck to become structurally unsound. As a result we often use steel or concrete posts or concrete bases to offer improved structural strength, support the timber and extend the life of the timber.

The substructure of your deck is important to its durability. We over engineer our sub frames, often doubling or tripling what is specified in the building regulations. A deck needs to be able to tolerate not only the weight of people but also furniture, plants, pots, and other outdoor items. The timber we use is always of the highest quality and we always fixed down boards with screws, WE NEVER NAIL DECKING because nailing is prone to movement and can also pose a safety hazard. We believe in the quality of our products, which is why we offer our 10-year guarantee.

Timber Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is always a good idea and helps to extend the life of your timber. A coat of sealant or stain once a year doesn’t go a miss even on the highest quality timber. We often leave some behind if you want to do it yourself or we can attend annually to make sure all your timber is ready for winter.

The harsh weather conditions in Britain can over time cause decking and fencing to lose its appeal, look tired and become discoloured. If like some people you don't have time for annual maintenance and would like us to look after your timber for you we can:

  • Pressure clean fencing and decking
  • Clean with special cleaning products made specifically for wood which remove surface contaminants
  • Treat the timber with decking and timber sealants that will nourish the wood and protect from moisture.

Timber Repairs

We also offer repair services for all kinds of timber fences and decking. Maybe you have a perfectly serviceable deck with a few boards that have come loose or you have lost a fence panel? Sometimes these can be difficult to fix because you cannot source the correct sized panel for example or remove the old board. We have access to hundreds of products not available to the public and we can also custom make panels and boards if they are not available.

As landscaping specialists our superior knowledge and construction methods will optimise the functionality of your outdoor space. ILPD are constantly up to date with technology, industry products, materials and trends. Our decks and fences provide a quality investment for all homes.

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